Get Growing! 3/15

This week I took inventory of seed packets that I currently have and made a list of those I need to purchase.  I still had a packet of organic parsley seeds.  Sawyer enjoyed starting those seedlings for me as well as some Alyssum and Cosmos flowers.  My plan this week is to start the Kale seedlings and to purchase a garden journal/notebook.

Last August when Davey Baby’s father passed away we inherited the family farm.  Now at first thought you’d think, “Cool!  A whole farm?!”

But let me tell that the farmhouse is 200+ years old.  The barn is ………. well……………. let’s just say we are trying to decide whether it would be best to just to start over.  The field has been used by an area farmer.  But there hasn’t been a garden or animals on the land in over 35+ years.  The property has been used and abused.  I can’t tell you the amount of just plain junk and trash left everywhere.  Our family is making progress at cleaning it up, but the reality is that it’s going to take many years to bring the beauty of the property out.  We are going to have to do it all on a shoestring budget but I think there is such promise there.

Walking around the property this weekend I was absolutely shocked and thrilled to discover a patch of cranberries!  The patch that is visible is about 12′ X 20′.  I know the patch is larger though because I could feel and hear them popping under our feet as we walked over the tall grass surrounding it.  I never in a million years thought I’d need to learn how to cultivate a cranberry patch, but you can bet I’m going to learn all I can!

I also discovered something not so exciting on the property.  I huge paper wasp nest!  Part of me was saying “Kill it!” The other half of me was thinking I’d love to put this in the classroom somehow.  I have know idea how to get rid of the larva and keep the nest intact.  I have a small window of time to decide what I want to do with it.  What would you do?

The Maine Co-operative Extension has become a close friend this week.  :)

They’ve mailed me many soil test kits.  I need to take multiple samples of the field the farmer has used.  We want to turn it back into pasture land for sheep.  But before we have it seeded with Timothy grass we need to know if the field is safe for livestock and whether or not we need to amend the soil in any way.

They also sent me information on growing fruit trees in Maine.  We want to plant a small orchard in the same pasture as the sheep.  I want to purchase hearty trees that will succeed in Maine’s changing weather and are also disease resistant.  I have some reading to do!

This years goals for the farmhouse property:

  • Plant 3-4 Sugar Maple Trees along the driveway.
  • Reseed the farmer’s field and return it back to a pasture.
  • Plant 6 – 8 apple trees in the pasture.
  • Raise 2 pigs in an area we want turned over for transplanting 12 blueberry bushes in the fall.
  • Work on reclaiming the cranberry patch.
  • Plant a row of Rhubarb.

How are your gardening adventures coming along?

One thought on “Get Growing! 3/15

  1. I can just imagine all the cool junk you might be finding on that old farm! And how neat … cranberries. Don’t you have to have a cranberry bog for that? If you had the money to invest you could turn the farm into an agritourism place, esp. for the fall. Maybe plant a pumpkin patch and have some small petting farm animals. Whatever you do, you’ll have to post pictures of your progress Are you going to restore the farmhouse eventually?

    As for my gardening plans, I need to get busy on deciding to plant. I’m moving my small little patch to a sunnier location in my yard. Seems like the only thing I can grow successfully is cherry tomatoes.

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